Phone Games Perfect For Long Road Trips

There are many games that are perfect for long trips in the car. Here are a few of the most popular choices for long trips:


This is a fun, challenging and skilful game which can last a while. Perfect for time wasting because concentration is key, so time will fly without you realising it. Poker is also rewarding when you win, so you can even turn your car trip into a profitable experience. Poker also can be played for as long as you like, there aren’t a set amount of lives or time limits in which to complete levels.

Puzzle games

Games such as word searches, crosswords and majong are brilliant for long trips in the car. The puzzles are fun and time consuming. The feeling of achievement for completing them too is great. Turn your car ride into an intellectual morale boost and master a puzzle game.

Strategy games

Although strategy games will only last so long before you have to come off the app, they are still extremely fun to play. Usually, strategy games are about building towns, conquering islands or building armies. Most strategy games will be led by quests and you will be limited from progressing from lack of money or resources. However, on a long journey, you can get many little quests done while nipping on and off the app from other apps. So, strategy games aren’t necessarily good for continuous playing on a long journey but as far as progression goes, you can make some good progress throughout your long journey.

Cooking games

Generally cooking games do not have a life limit and can generate hours of culinary fun. Cooking games are extremely interactive and usually quite fast paced. If you are generally a fidgety person, cooking games would be a perfect solution to your long journey.

Fashion and beauty games

There are hundreds of dress up, make-up, hair and nails games on the play store. These games can keep you occupied for hours using your creativity to create something beautiful. Some dress up games even allow you to compete against other people, so if you like fashion this could be a pretty good time killer for a long car journey.