Top 4 Qualities of the Modern Car

Technology has advanced at a rate of knots, and in particular in the area relating to cars. In the past, cars were simply a method of getting from A to B, but now these vehicles hold a treasure trove of extra features, all intended to improve the travel experience of both driver and passenger.Firstly, whilst cars can’t quite drive themselves, they are able to monitor cars around them, help you park and indicate if you are driving over the lines in the road, using a number of their unique sensors placed throughout the car. Extra features in this area include electronic stability systems and anti-locking brakes, all geared to making your drive a little more comfortable.Second up, is the keyless entry offered by many cars. These days, keys can be attached to smartphones, allowing us to lock, unlock and even pre-heat our cars without needing to be standing right next to them. This remote access also comes with a panic button, just in case of emergency.Next, there is the all-important internet connectivity. Many cars now offer a 4G capability, which allows up to ten people the ability to connect whilst on the go. Perfect for passengers, this facility enables people to continue playing their all-important online games whilst on the move. Kids can be entertained for hours, whilst adults can make sure not to miss out on their winning bingo tournament.In conjunction with this connectivity comes a much-improved GPS system. This navigation console ensures that you will never get lost again; pointing out gas stations, restaurants, other amenities and even ATMs when prompted. With such a range of excellent options, it is virtually impossible to remain bored in these new cars, even if you are stuck in traffic.