How to manage your racing car collection

Whatever people collect whether it is stamps, butterflies, coins or something else, it is always important to make sure that the collection is maintained correctly. This will ensure that it will give years of pleasure. If the collection is considered as an investment, then the owner will also have ulterior financial reasons for maintaining high levels of maintenance.A racing car collector could well enjoy the sleek lines and aerodynamics of the modern day racing car, or savour the classic and endearing sophistication of classic racers from days long gone. Either way these vehicles must be properly looked after, and stored in a garage that is 100 per cent fit-for-purpose. This is not as easy as it first seems. Because they are the thoroughbreds of the motor car industry, they cannot be maintained properly by just putting them in storage and slipping a tarpaulin over them. For people that have a collection of racing cars or are thinking of setting one up, there are some critical factors that need to be dealt with:How to storeFor these vehicles, prevention is better than cure when it comes to storage. This is certainly the case when a car is not used for an extended period. The key here is to prevent damage from occurring because it is considerably less expensive than fixing damage after it has taken place. Some points that should be noted about storage include:

  • Keeping a constant temperature at all times
  • Low levels of humidity
  • A secure storage place that is burglar proof

Moving a racing car collectionIf oil changes, simple maintenance or just rotating tyres are being carried out, then the racing car collection will need to be moved every now and again. To achieve this successfully, it is wise to use a car mover. The car mover will perform the task safely and with no problems. By using this device rather than a normal jack, the undercarriage of the car will not be damaged.Protecting the collection against theftFor collectors in this particular area, the investment is massive, and this must be protected. Potential risks such as fire, theft or bodywork damage have to be insured against. The standard insurance policy for cars will usually not extend to a racing car collection. There are, however, specialist packages that do exist to give cover.The amount of money each car may be worth has to be considered for insurance puposes. A proper assessment of the asset value is critical. This sector has many factors that influence value. These are not just regular market forces such as supply and demand and a lot will depend on the situation of the current car market, linked to the economy. Because prices can drop or go up very quickly, it is important to value the collection at regular intervals.