The Best Sites for Racing News

Keeping up with the fast-paced sport of racing can be challenging for those who lead equally hectic lives. With the help of the Internet, there are now a number of different portals to choose from. What are a handful of the most trustworthy sites and which features set them apart from the more “generic” options?Auto WeekThere are several reasons why Auto Week is found at the top of the Google search results. Not only is this site updated on an hourly basis, but all of the largest competitions such as NASCAR and Formula One are likewise covered. In-depth analyses, interviews with the top racers and news regarding upcoming events are all available with the click of a is one of the oldest and most respected online racing sites. Much like Auto Week, Motorsport offers its visitors all of the latest news regarding this white-knuckle sport. There is also a live television feed for those who do not have the time to tune in to their favourite competitions. There are literally hundreds of different videos to peruse and users are able to purchase tickets to upcoming races directly through Motorsport (via outbound links).Sportscar365One of the benefits in regards to Sportscar365 is that the website offers its users a very clean layout. A navigation bar across the top provides direct links to competitions, the latest videos, interviews with racers and top events such as GT Racing and the Le Mans circuit. A final convenience in regards to this site is that there are direct outbound links to associated channels on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, on-the-go browsing could not be simpler.Whether you have just begun to follow this sport or you are a die-hard racing fan, these three sites are not to be missed. We would also note that each one can be viewed on tablets and smartphones.